Nursery is department where we recieve a cases of newborn (inborn & outborn), and neonate (age below than 30days of life). Inborn is a baby who delivered in this facilities/hospital. Outborn baby had been delivered at others facilities/hospital.

Outborn Room

Outborn room is for allocated baby who transferred in / admitted from others facilities to this hospital. Immediate screening and treatment will be done in this room for outborn baby

Phototherapy Room

Phototherapy is a treatment that will be done for baby with neonatal Jaundice.Neonatal Jaundice is a condition where increasing level of total serum bilirubin >12mg/dL, baby will appear generalised yellowish on eyes and skin colour.

Baby Bathroom

All newborn and neonate baby will bath by staff nurses in this room. For newborn Staff nurses will ensure baby’s body temperature and vital signs are in normal range

Breastfeeding Room

This room is provided for mother, to breastfeed their baby in comfortable area, besides care of mother’s privacy during breastfeeding. We also will provide breast-pump (for collection of exclusive breastmilk:EBM) for mother who need it in any situation.

Milk Room

Staff nurses will preparing milk in this room. All milk also will storage in this room. For EBM (exclusive breast milk), will be keep in fridge. For formula milk will be storage in cupboard and just in room temperature.All used bottles will cleaned and sterilised in this room by staff nurse, as to maintain hygiene care.

Rooming - In

Rooming-in is procedure where we placed baby in mother’s room/mother’s bedside. It's to provide parents to get familiar with their baby’s habit, such as feeding, nappy change and sleeping pattern before they going home. It's also to encourage mother to breastfeed their baby frequently with effective. Staff also will train a mother for breastfeed their baby for a new mother. Besides, parents can learn how to clean their baby, and important thing is how to care of their baby umbilical cord. Staff nurses will guide parent how to clean an umbilical cord baby.