Medical Departments

Our Emergency Department provides a 24-hour service. They are supported by a multidisciplinary team of specialists to provide you with round the clock, immediate emergency care.
Our multidisciplinary team provides treatment for common medical conditions including:
Abdominal pain, Appendicitis, Asthma, Flu, Cuts and bruises, Fever, Gallstones, Headaches, Hives, Insect bites, Burns, Nosebleeds, Musculoskeletal Strains and Sprains and Urinary tract infection.

Health Screening Centre
At Kensington Green Specialist Centre, we pride ourselves in providing you with a large selection of health screening packages that are well suited for all walks of life. You may contact our team as below:
Booking of appointment for Health Screening Centre
Tel: +607-2133 899     WhatsApp: +6016-953 5113
Clinic Hours of Health Screening Centre
Sunday to Thursday: 8am - 5pm
Friday: 8am - 12pm
Saturday: Closed
High Dependency Unit (HDU)
Our High Dependency Unit (HDU) is well equipped and dedicated to providing care for patients who require a higher level of observation.  HDU is staffed by specialists, critical care nurses and anaesthetic assistants to provide a smaller staff-to-patient ratio, enabling us to provide the highest level of clinical care.
Our HDU team can respond swiftly and efficiently to any changes in patients’ conditions.  Advanced technology are also used to help improve patient safety.  The HDU is located adjacent to our operating theatres so that patients can receive emergency care in the shortest possible time.

Labour and Delivery Ward
Our Delivery (Labour) Suites are designed with privacy and comfort in mind. We aim to provide you and your partner with a memorable birthing experience. All four Delivery suites are single bedded and partners are encouraged to stay.
Our team of trained midwives and specialists will support you through a tailored and evidence-based birth plan. We understand that every pregnancy is unique and we will do our utmost to guide you at every step of your pregnancy journey to become new parents.
We provide a full range of pain relief options including a 24 hour epidural service. Should the need arise, we also offer safe assisted delivery options. After delivery (postnatal), we provide complimentary breastfeeding support and physiotherapy sessions with our delivery packages.
Our professional team of Consultant Paediatricians and paediatric nurses aim to provide a caring and stress-free process for new mothers when your baby is in hospital.
We also offer a range of courses for new mothers from newborn bathing care, breastfeeding support to physiotherapy exercises.
Services & Facilities:
Phototherapy Room
Breastfeeding rooms with 24 hour access for parents
Milk preparation room
Baby bathing room
Infant resuscitation
KGSC Fertility (IVF) Centre
Our Ethos
At Kensington Green (KG) Fertility Centre, we aim to create a warm, caring environment where we tailor your fertility treatment to your individual needs and involve you in the decision-making process of your personalised advanced medical treatment. Our patients benefit from our scientific expertise and the latest development in IVF technologies and methodologies.
Our goal is to help you optimise your fertility potential to achieve your family plans.
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Operation Theatre
KGSC is fully equipped with three large major operating theatres. These have been carefully designed with in-built lead shielded walls and specialised antibacterial cladding to minimise the risk of infection. We also utilise the latest technologies for patient monitoring and positioning during their operations.

Our surgeons are highly skilled in their respective subspecialties including advanced laparoscopic surgery and orthopaedic hand microsurgery.  Kensington Green is equipped with the latest 3D laparoscopic surgical system.

Our vibrant team of theatre nurses are highly skilled in delivering an compassionate and effective care.  Patient safety is our utmost concern.
Ambulatory Care Centre (ACC)
ACC is a one stop centre where we can provide minor surgical services.  Once your minor surgical procedure is complete, you may return to the comfort of their own home on the same day.  We provide quality and personalised care for procedures such as (but not limited to):
Endoscopy Related Procedure
Colonoscopy/ Sigmoidoscopy / Rubber Banding
Colposcopy and biopsy
Minor OT Procedure
Incision and Drainage of Abscesses or Cysts
Excisional Biopsy of Skin Lesions & Moles
Surgical Wound Suturing
Cautery to Skin Lesions
Haemorrhoid Surgery
Removal of Polyps
Insertion or removal of contraceptive devices
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