Imaging Department

Emergency Imaging
We provide Imaging services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for medical emergencies such as :
Head, Neck and Body Trauma
Spine and Upper and Lower Limbs Trauma
Lung (thoracic) Trauma
Arteriovenous Malformation
Musculoskeletal Imaging
Our Orthopaedic specialists will plan the safest and most appropriate test for you in order to accurately diagnose any musculoskeletal injuries.
Plain radiography (X-Ray)
Computed Tomography (CT Scan)
Breast Imaging
In accordance with National Guidelines, we invite all women aged 50 to 74 years old to have breast screening every two years. High risk women should have screening from the age of 30. We offer:
Breast Mammography
Breast Ultrasound scan
Ultrasound Guided Diagnostic Core Biopsy


Computed Radiography
Computed Tomography
(CT Scan)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging



X-RAY (Computed Radiography)

X-ray is a conventional technique used for the visualization of the bones and soft tissue structures in the body. Our computed radiography produces high-definition images and reduces your exposure to radiation, lessens image creation time, and can be viewed electronically.

Computed Tomography (CT Scan)

A CT scan is an advanced X-ray technique that uses thin beams of X-rays to produce a series of cross-sectional images focused on the internal organs of the body. Our advance 80-detector row Ultra Helical CT scan provides accurate study of the head and neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis as well as the skeleton. The CT helps to diagnose of cancers, such as lung, liver and pancreatic cancers; to confirm or exclude the presence of tumour, evaluate its size and location. This is important to accelerate clinical decision-making and optimize patient care. Innovative features below help to ensure that you can acquire high-quality images routinely at very low patient dose.
New PUREViSION Detector 
The system’s 80 row 0.5 mm elements balance image quality, speed and patient dose delivering isotropic images in all planes.

ConeXact™ double slice reconstruction
Shifting from 64 to 80 detector rows with up to 160 slices results in shorter scan times and higher quality imaging.

SURE Exposure™ 3D
This fully integrated automatic exposure control ensures optimum image quality and patient dose.

AIDR 3D Enhanced
Our Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction (AIDR) technology can be applied to all examinations resulting in dose reduction up to 75% and 50% of image noise reduction.

Our Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction (SEMAR) utilizes a sophisticated reconstruction technique to reduce artifacts caused by metal and improves visualization of the implant, supporting bone, and adjacent soft tissues.

i Station Display
provides child-friendly exam instructions and gives operators feedback for breath-holding, ECG, scan parameters and patient ID.

Wide Bore Gantry
The spacious 780 mm wide bore and 470 mm wide patient couch allow comfortable scanning for large patients.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI is a non-invasive medical diagnostic technique used to view organs, soft tissues, bones and other internal body structures. It uses magnetic field and radio waves with a computer to create cross-sectional, three-dimensional pictures of the head and body without the use of X-rays. Comfort is important, and with Pianissimo noise-reduction technology, scans are quieter and more efficient. Non-contrast imaging reduces the need for injections during the exam. The shorter bore design helps to reduce claustrophobia in patients, while the 63 cm bore size accommodates a wide variety of patients. This important different means you can feel confident in your doctor’s diagnostic recommendation.
Non-Contrast Imaging
A complete suite of non-contrast MRA techniques can fully meet the clinical requirements needed for vascular imaging. These can minimize risk to patients while producing exceptional images.

Our MRI minimizes scan time for routine neuro examinations while advanced techniques provide high image quality.

Together with advanced high-sensitivity RF coils, our MRI provides excellent image homogeneity with high spatial resolution for orthopaedic examinations.

JET and SPEEDER functions in our MRI effectively suppress motion artifacts and high-quality images with less distortion can be acquired.


Mammography is a special imaging of the breasts using a low-dose X-ray system. It is used to aid in the diagnosis of breast diseases in women. Together with physical breast examination, it has proven to be the safest and most effective method to screen for early breast cancer. Our new mammography features such as the automatic exposure control and the automatic selection of the collimator secure correct parameters for imaging and help to avoid additional retakes. Reliable functions ensure that examinations are both patient and user friendly. Our CR with 43.75μm read capacity for Mammography ensures excellent sharpness and high resolution for the images.


Ultrasound imaging is a method of obtaining real-time images from inside the human using high frequency sound waves, without the use of x-rays. It is used to visualise internal organs such as breasts, abdomen, and pelvis.
Feature combines the advantages of spatial and frequency compounding to provide you with images of unsurpassed uniformity and detail while preserving clinically significant markers such as shadows behind echo-dense objects.

Advanced Dynamic Flow™
Adds superior spatial resolution to color Doppler imaging to reveal minute vasculature and complex flow patterns

Aplio’s Smart 3D
Makes volumetric imaging easy and efficient

Differential Tissue Harmonics
Provides clinical images of unsurpassed spatial resolution and contrast, alongside with greatly increased penetration, taking outstanding tissue definition to deeper regions than ever before.
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